the cellar singers


"Your concert tonight was so wonderfully performed and, since it has been so very long since I have sat in an audience and listened to such excellence, I was swept away by all of you. With love from a music lover who is now a big fan of yours."
Kathleen Miller, Huntsville


The Cellar Singers were proud to have provided two performances of Handel's Messiah in December 2021. While we can't be sure when we'll be able to return to in-person rehearsals, we're excited to maintain our Cellar Singers community virtually and are looking forward to another concert later this spring.


The Cellar Singers gratefully acknowledge the support of the Province of Ontario and the Ontario Trillium Foundation's Community Building Fund.


OPEN REHEARSALS wednesdays @ 7:15 pm* 

When possible, we'll continue in-person rehearsals for participants who can provide evidence of being fully vaccinated. 

To promote community safety and reduce risk, protocols include:
a. Providing documentation of full vaccination status
b. Performing a screening questionnaire and not attending rehearsal if unwell
c. Remaining masked at all times
d. Sanitation practices, including hand washing, sanitizing,
and no sharing / common items
e. Maintaining 2 m. distance while singing
f. Performing rapid antigen testing – this process takes 15 minutes and will need to be accommodated in singers’ plans for arrival / rehearsal start time. 

Curious about The Cellar Singers? Join us on Wednesdays to see what it's like to sing with us. Our rehearsals are open. No obligation. Music reading ability preferred.


Please email us so we can greet you!


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Rehearsals: Wednesdays at

 St. James' Anglican Church in Orillia

at 7:15 pm. Join us!