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A huge thanks to you for inviting us last night: a stellar performance all around, choir, pianist and soloists. It was a performance for the heart as well as the head. Bask in the glory of a job superbly done. 

Still Tingling after hearing your Messiah


Some of the

most beautiful

music I've

ever heard.

M. said coming home from the concert that she felt "Renewed". I hope the support you, Mitchell and the CS deserve swells.

Wonderful, wonderful music last night...the chorales really hit home.  

I am once again a young child surrounded by family in my little country church with the music wafting over me.

The Cellar Singers were fantastic with their June concert of Canadian works.  In the first half Remembrance and in the second half Derek Healey's Salish Song were standouts on a program of very different works.

John Swartz.  SUNonlie/Orillia , Jan.3, 2018 

Lux Aeterna

"The evening was like a glorious bouquet

of radiant flowers."

Cynthia and Rod Young

As always the concert was breathtaking.  I am continually amazed at the dedication the choir has to work so hard in another language and with challenging pieces. The hard

work pays off as you are all so polished and professional

And the Cellar Singers, with guests the Eglinton St. George’s Church Choir, concert last Saturday was fantastic. It was 90 minutes long (the first half with Morten Lauridsen’s Lux Aeterna and the second Ruth Watson Henderson’s From Darkness to Light) and the performance was like driving and wondering where did the last 20 miles go. They took us right out of reality with the performance.

John Swartz SUNonline/Orillia, March 15, 2018

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