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Collaborative Pianist
Kyung-A Lee

Born in South Korea and now a local to beautiful Muskoka, her burning passion for classical music has allowed her to study and perform at internationally renowned schools such as Franz Schubert Institute in Austria, Mozarteum in Salzburg, Centre for Opera Studies in Italy, and she is a frequent participant at the Banff Centre for music.

Her wide-ranging interests have taken her in many different directions, establishing a versatile reputation. In 2009, she gave a solo performance of Beethoven Sonata No.31 Op.110 at the historical museum of Beethoven Pasqualatihaus in Vienna, Austria. Ms. Lee’s qualifications have led to teachings and adjudications at the University of Alberta and The King’s University College in Edmonton, AB. She is in demand for solo performances, teachings and a variety of collaborative music as well as opera workshops.

At a young age of 16, Ms. Lee graduated from International Music Academy in Alberta with full scholarship and honorary awards under the direction of Wolfram Linnebach. Her mentor teachers also include distinguished pianist William Moore, Joachim Segger, and Janet Scott-Hoyt, all of whom were pupils of one of the world's great pianists, Cecile Genhart (1899-1983). Ms. Lee is referred to as a “grandchild of Genhart’s legacy” among her associates.

Among many notable accomplishments, Ms. Lee was the winner of the National Finals at the Sean Memorial Foundation competition and Wirth Institute for Eastern European Studies award. She is the recipient of two of Canada's most prestigious awards, Queen Elizabeth II Award and Heritage Award for women in arts. She is also the first recipient of the Gerry Segger Award in the ‘Performance Excellence’ category.

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